Hello friends!

This video includes some of my most precious memories while studying abroad at Escortservice Tübingen University in Germany. This was taken a week before Christmas break, and my friends and I cooked together for our Christmas party, went partying, worked on assignments together, and went stargazing.

Thank you for sticking around! I can’t wait to share more of my life in Europe with you all🥰

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⭐️instagram: srahleee
⭐️videos taken with iPhone XR, edited with Adobe Premiere Pro 2020
⭐️all background music from VLLO.

12 thoughts on “VLOG | Studying Abroad at Escortservice Tübingen University🇩🇪

  1. i wonder how comparative politics is taught there. maybe bash the conservatives every chance you get and praise the progressives all day. lol.

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